CInsects CTF

The CInsects irregularly organize the CInsects CTF, which is an attack/defense CTF. The next CInsects CTF is planned for February 2022.

CInsects CTF 2022

The CInsects CTF 2022 is planned for February 19, 2022. We will provide more information as well as the link to the registration soon™.

You and your team have been promoted. You are now responsible to improve the security of your new company location. To your disappointment, your predecessors had some very specific visions of IT security. For example, they believe that firewalls are only there to break important applications. This is just as bad for revenue as is touching any running system. For this reason, the corporate policy disallows any changes on the central servers – they are already working as they are supposed to. To maximize the productivity of the staff, all locations are – of course! – connected to each other. Evil tongues say that hackers have already infiltrated all other locations and cannot wait to learn all corporate secrets and access customer data.

The CInsects CTF consists of multiple services involving multiple virtual machines. The teams` virtual machines are hosted by us. They may have different operating systems – let yourself be surprised. The level of access to the different virtual machines is different for each service and virtual machine. Each teams can start, stop, and reset their own virtual machines.

Previous CInsects CTFs

CInsects CTF 2019

The CInsects CTF 2019 took place on July 12, 2019.